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Neustart Fitness was developed to serve special health needs of people in the middle of their lives. In the middle of life, deficits in basic movement patterns become increasingly apparent. As a result, the awareness of one’s own health changes. Prior to this time, professional success is often the most important part in life, and health only plays a secondary role – until the body starts to signal that it is time for a change, a new start: it’s time for Neustart Fitness. Due to too much sitting, stress and other burdens, physical reactions occur. The consequences are often posture deficits and restricted movement; the body’s mobility is limited. Neustart Fitness supports you with a forward-looking approach to start the second half of life in a flexible and healthy way. Together we create the conditions for you to retain a younger self while becoming older.

My approach


Get your nervous system and your body moving

Exercise is a key to your health. Better exercise with brain-based training is your master key. Better exercise is achieved when taking into account the way in which our brains control our movements. Movement patterns can thus be improved in a goal-oriented way and restrictions in movement can be eliminated.


In classical fitness training, the centre of attention is the body with its muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments. The Central Nervous System and the brain hardly receive any attention even though movement is only created once the brain processes stimuli from the body. The better these stimuli are processed, the better the movement. A training which does not take into consideration the processes in the brain equals a ship without a captain. My approach connects body and brain in movement.


The brain’s main function is to process movement. All human movement takes place as patterns in the brain through signals received by it. Joints are important signal transmitters for the brain. Information from receptors are collected, processed and converted into movements. If these processes work well, movements are not only coordinated and accurate, but also safe, efficient and goal-oriented.


Mobility is not only the prerequisite in order to become better through training, but it is also a requirement for staying healthy. If you train with me according to the principles of the brain, you will become more flexible and actively prevent complaints. Obtain an advantage at the beginning of the second half of your life.


Ever since the “invention” of “sit-down jobs”, humans have obviously forgotten that they were created for movement. Body functions and the brain are designed for movement. People who call a dog or a cat a member of their family receive daily reminders of this. Movement keeps you healthy. And on top of it, movement is fun. Our four-legged roommate teaches me a lot about efficient movement and ideal mobility. Conversely, my “personal trainer” also observes me very closely. With or without a dog, the most important thing is that movement, once again, takes on a central role in one’s everyday life. I support you in achieving sufficient and decent exercise every day – for a high quality of life through optimal mobility.

Your pleasure


Excercise and nutrition build a powerful team

They are central components of a long and healthy life. Well coordinated, they contribute to a considerable increase in well-being. Aging processes are slowed down. In this approach, a conscious selection of food and eating as pleasure take the centre stage rather than radical abstinence.

Studies show that aging and illness are 90% caused by lifestyle, not by genes. Thus, it is up to you to extend your health span. The middle years of life are significant for this. The aging process accelerates noticeably from the age of 40 onwards. The good news, however, is that you can visibly delay this process. It is never too late to start. A healthy and balanced diet significantly contribute to this. It should be supplemented by purposeful muscle building. Reaching an advanced age in a fit and healthy manner is worthwhile. I support you in making this possible.

My support


The path to the goal starts in the mind

You have made the decision to boost your health and well-being. By doing so, you have already taken the first and most important step on the way to your goal. You know too well that without goals you cannot proceed and succeed. Goals are a motivation. Goals lead to success.

Nevertheless, experience has shown that setbacks may well occur. As is generally known, the toughest opponent is often in one’s own head. Many alleged problems on the way to the goal arise only in the mind. Often these problems are just trivia. I support you in defeating your inner opponent. Together we will reach your goal.

Personal Training for people in their midlife

My name is Markus Kolan. I am in the middle of my life. Following the study of Economics at the Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU), I began my career in the financial audit sector. After many years of working for a leading auditing company and more than ten years in commercial management positions, I took the chance to start anew. The decision to do so was preceded by the understanding that one’s own health deserves the highest attention. I have been aware of this before, yet I set my priorities differently – until my body reminded me that this situation should not be permanent. Therefore, I started and successfully completed my training as a certified fitness coach. It enabled me to restore my physical balance. Based on these experiences, I decided to use the knowledge I have acquired in order to support other people with similar problems. According to many conversations with people my age, I know how helpful my own experiences are for understanding and supporting my clients.

My body’s warning signals have taught me to be more cautious of my health again. I have always been an enthusiastic runner, with marathons and half-marathons as my preferred distances. I have also been practicing yoga for many years. This enthusiasm for movement has become the focus of my attention once again these days. I have always enjoyed working with other people. To be able to finally combine both of my passions fills me with great joy.


  • Certified Fitness Coach
  • Personal Trainer License (medical fitness)
  • Fitnesstrainer A/B License
  • Neuro Strength Training
  • Neuro Mobility (both with Lars Lienhard)
  • Functional Trainer
  • Relaxation Trainer
  • Back & Spine Trainer
  • Osteoporosis Trainer
  • Nutritionist (in progress)

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